I got a call from a mid 20's man last Saturday, lets call him Bob.  Bob wanted 5.1 and subwoofer speaker system and a surround sound receiver to go with it.  His budget was about $2000 and he wanted it right away,  and yes he was calling around.  Bob had even picked the brand and model speaker he wanted and was calling me because I was a dealer of that manufacture.  The first thing I did was explain to him the speaker he was thinking about broke down to less the $149 per speaker and asked him “How good do you think a $149 speaker containing a mid, tweeter, crossover and housing, is going to sound, even if you have 5 of them?”   I could hear him thinking as he answered back “Not very good?”  Next I asked,  “What are you going to use the system for, music or tv/movies?”  “Both, that is why i need 5 speakers and a sub.”  We then had a great conversation about why he should consider taking the same budget and putting it toward a 2 channel integrated amp and 2 nice speakers.  He very quickly agreed and still on the phone asked “How quickly can I have them?”  I replied “I can Uber them over to you right now, if you would like.”  He liked that very much and 45 min later the products were at his apartment along with a diagram I drew on how to connect everything.  And people think Amazon is fast!   Before getting off the phone with him I asked if he had a DVD player, even an old one,  “Plug it in, and put on a CD, if you still have any, and listen to a few songs before you start streaming”   It was very nice to get a call in a few day to he how happy he was that I did not sell him what he asked for. Thanks Bob, you made my day!