Create the Ultimate Entertainment Room

Create the Ultimate Entertainment Room

Get home theater acoustic panels in Roseland, NJ

Make your entertainment room the envy of the neighborhood with home theater acoustic panels. Total Home Interiors specializes in framing your walls and ceilings for the best sound experience possible. Enjoy the cinematic greatness of your favorite movies right from the comfort of your home.

We provide customizable acoustic panels to match your unique design. If you're in Roseland, NJ, call us now to schedule your appointment.

Purchasing acoustic panels for your home or office is a good idea

Acoustic panels absorb unwanted sound to promote total focus. Restaurants, schools and small businesses benefit greatly from this installation. Since acoustic panels are so helpful, here's why we suggest installing them in your home:

  • It provides a better sound experience
  • Acoustic paneling increases your property value
  • You're able to completely customize the design

If you love LED lighting or custom framing, we'll happily add that to your installation. Call us today to begin your project in Roseland, NJ.