Create a Space of Serenity in Roseland, Hoboken or Jersey City, NJ With Soundproofing

Creating a quiet atmosphere increases productivity, reduces stress levels and emphasizes privacy. Achieve a tranquil environment with soundproofing services. Total Home Interiors provides sound isolation solutions for your nosiest rooms. Using specialized systems, our team will make your room a private space.

We also provide soundproofing services for our business owners in Roseland, Hoboken and Jersey City, NJ. If you want to create a space of privacy in your office, call us now to schedule your appointment.


Total Home offers the most cutting edge and up to date sound isolation services in the business.

Whether you are building a Home Theater or simply want your home to be quieter from room to room or the outside, Total Home has the right mix of products and innovative techniques to solve all of your sound needs.

Our Approach:
Every sound isolation job we come across requires a unique and custom approach. From the walls to the floors and HVAC ducts, we have the products and expertise needed to keep sound in its place. All of our products are STC rated to reduce sound transmissions.

Building Your Dream Home?
Are you building a home on a main road, close to a highway, or designing a media room? Let us work with your architects, builders and designers to maximize the acoustics in your new home.

Noisy Neighbors?
Are you sharing a wall with a neighbor? Are the parties next door keeping you up at night? We've got the services to make your living situation a more pleasant one. Set up an appointment today and one of our trained acoustical consultants will find the solution.