Glenn and his team were hired to soundproof my company's office. They are knowledgeable, kind and honest. The building where we lease office space was/is extremely difficult to work with and Glenn and his crew responded promptly, respectfully and creatively with each unanticipated challenge thrown our way. The team identified creative and aesthetically pleasing solutions to deal with all our acoustic problems of the space and completed the work in the timeframe promised. I would highly recommend and hope that we can work together again!

- Jamie T.

Matt and Glenn were great to work with! Our soundproofing project required a few visits and the office was left spotless each time. They stand by the quality of their work and are willing to make adjustments to the project if needed.

- Ron T.

Our building is a wood frame building, so sound travels SUPER easily. After searching a bit and having many consultations, we finally found Total Home Interiors, who soundproofed our bedroom/master bathroom ceiling. Glenn is amazing, and his team members Rich and Glenn were just as wonderful. Quick to help, caring, and efficient throughout the whole process. We have asked the team to come back to help us with another project since we loved working with them so much. HIGHLY recommend them for any soundproofing needs-it truly worked, and they know what they are doing!

- Briana R.

I had a very pleasant time working with Glen and the crew! The job of "sound proofing" my two ceilings in my condo unit took a little longer than expected due to some obstacles, but they worked quickly to get it done. I would recommend them to anyone in a condo looking to reduce the noise from upstairs neighbors.

- Lauren B.

Our new house is half mile from a major highway, Sometimes, our bedrooms were noisy during night. We worked with Glenn and Matt to install Soundproofing Windows. They had four guys coming to our houses in two days after we got our Windows delivered. They installed all nine windows in one day. The guys are very professional and the work they have done are perfect.

Before we installed Soundproofing windows, we were considering decoupling walls. After they installed soundproofing windows, our bedrooms become so quiet. I had lived three other houses in rural area far away from any major roads. I had to admit, my new house bedrooms are the quietest ones. I highly recommended Total Home Interiors, they have done great job.

- Dennis and Lisa Q.

Where to start? .... I been working with contractors for the better part of 20 years with two properties and multiple projects and while I have had success with a handful, for the most part the contractors I've worked with have pretty much disappointed me in more than one way.... This February (2020) I had an unfortunate incident with a pipe bursting in my finished basement, which I use for a home office as well as a home theater and family hangout, it's probably my favorite part of the covered house as I personally designed every space and had it built to my high demands including sound proofing. Immediately started looking for the best end-to-end service i could find that could do the job better than original and in an acceptable time-frame. I was fortunate enough to land Glenn Kutoroff and his company Total Home Interior (THI), not only they are 1/2 companies that actually do professional soundproofing in New Jersey but his prices and ability to do it all, was exactly what I was looking for. Glenn's crew is fantastic, they were able to finish my 1000 Sq/f basement in two weeks but did so with flying colors and incredible attention to detail. I cannot say enough great things about how professional these guys are, but suffice it to say, they showed up every day at 9 am and left at 5-6pm even in the midst of a pandemic, which I'm grateful that they got this done before the shutdown. I had some crazy requirements with my Home Theater where I wanted to re-purpose my under-stairs closet into a media/server room. Matt was simply an artist with the work he did, running all the 7.4.2 speaker cables from my theater room into the closet in addition to setting up all the equipment, testing and calibrating to perfection.... and he even design a custom cooling for the room that's right out of a science competition.. If you want the best soundproofing, interior finishing, flooring (we did vinyl and carpet), painting, odd projects and professional level AV installation, these guys are just #1.

- Alex R.

Glenn is very responsive and really works with the customer to try to give them the best outcome possible. Glenn was open to changing the plan around to fit our needs, timeline and budget which was very appreciated. We had three ceilings in our condo soundproofed which took about 6 days to complete. Since we were still living in the space during the time of the project, it was greatly appreciated that the crew cleaned up as best as possible each evening and attempted to limit the amount of dust created. The noise we were hoping to eliminate was impact noise from an upstairs neighbor (running, jumping, walking, floor creaking). We feel this project definitely lessened that noise which has brought us some relief. Overall, we would recommend Glenn and his team to anyone looking to soundproof their home.

- Jessica S.


"Glenn and his team lead by Rich were awesome. At first we started discussing soundproofing from the basement apartment which involved destroying and re-doing ceilings etc. As you can imagine messy and intrusive work. Glenn and I discussed tackling the problem from the source: the floors above. I got a cheaper price and they immediately went to work. The results are really impressive. Before the work you would walk upstairs and every step was heard downstairs (even lite walking, moving stuff around, etc). Now almost 100% of the foot noise is gone and my sons running (barefoot) is largely suppressed. The walls on the gym area were done as well and we saw a steep reduction in sound noise from the adjacent room. Overall, I'm impressed by the professionalism and effectiveness of the work. I look forward to hiring them in the future maybe for other things not related to soundproofing."

- Miguel R.

"The Control4 system is powerfully elegant and common sense. Centralized equipment and sources completely change how we access our favorite, great entertainment whenever we want (plus a lot more). A true sign of a sophisticated, smart system is its user-friendly interface that everyone in the family can fly, even a babysitter or mother-in-law."

- Mike and Vicky

"Before I had Control4 installed I had a simple setup with cable tv and a dvd player connected to my TV and a simple stereo for music. Now I have an incredible system with multiple sources of video and music throughout my home as well as lighting control and an integrated alarm system. Control4 is a great addition to my home and an excellent home automation and entertainment system. My whole family enjoys it every day."

- Greg


"Total Home installed carpet in three quarters of my home, including a tricky twisting stairwell, a hallway, and two large rooms. Glenn was a pleasure to work with - his extensive knowledge was impressive and his exceeding patience and generosity with letting us borrow samples until we could make our decision was greatly appreciated. They did a wonderful job from start to finish, and were clean and professional - a great experience."

- Jason Langer


"In the past Glenn did some carpeting work for my home theater. As a real estate developer I had Glenn get involved with projects in a few high-end homes. I was pleased with Glenn's workmanship and found that he provides high-quality work. I would hire him again."

- Charlie Groeschke


"My home was affected by Hurricane Irene. I hired Glenn to help me fix many areas of the house. I was pleased with the beautiful tile work and mosaic design that was chosen for the bathroom. Glenn also did great work in renovating the kitchen, painting rooms and carpeting/ flooring. During the renovation Glenn ensured that my direction and feedback were heard. I also appreciated that Glenn incorporated my style along with his own design recommendations. I would recommend Glenn for home improvement projects."

- Zahra Saleh


"It is my pleasure to have have worked with Glenn and recommended his company to many clients over the years. Most recently, he worked with me on preparing a very tired old home for sale in Millburn Township. He recommended the most efficient, cost effective and tasteful solutions and the home sold! His timeliness and follow up are seamless, a true professional!"

- Elizabeth Keyloun


"Glenn has been a big help to me over the years with blinds, flooring and counter tops for my own properties as well as those of my clients. I appreciate that he makes himself available to run ideas by and give me ballpark figures over the phone or to prepare a written estimate with various options on a project we may be considering. From carpet cleaners, to floor refinishers and installers, to counter top fabricators, people on Glenn's team are always first rate, neat, and reliable. My business associates, as well as my family members, enjoy working with Glenn and value his input."

- Rob Lubeck from Woodward Properties, REALTORS


"Keith, I just wanted to say how pleased my wife and I are on the installation of the Control 4 audio in our home. My wife was skeptical because she gets frustrated with me when I've tried to "automate" our home theater experience. The Control 4 remote is absolutely hands down the best out there. She now can watch and listen to anything throughout the house. She is amazed at the content she can reach and how really simple Control 4 is to operate. Thank you!"

- Kevin, Ridgewood, NJ


We recently purchased a newly constructed townhome and found that the lower level had terrible sound transference. We could literally hear our neighbor’s conversations! Glenn came out a couple of times to assess the situation and, after meeting with a few soundproofing companies, we opted to proceed with Glenn and his team at Total Home. This is NOT a cheap project, but we were aware of this when we started to look into it. We sent the plans/quote to the developer of our property and we all conferenced a call to discuss the most effective way to handle to problem. Glenn was professional every step of the way and removed costs from the quote once he understood what was already in place under the drywall. His team came in and were very respectful and left the property clean at the end of each day. It was a big project that took a couple weeks in total, but they did everything they said they would do and everything that we asked of them. We knew this would not create a 100% sound barrier, but we would have purchased a single family home if that was what we needed. The improvement that we have experienced, however, is tremendous. We are very happy that we hired Total Home and spent the money to improve our quality of life at home.

- David L.


Glenn from Total Home Interiors did some work for my home in October. He helped me reduce sound travelling from my living room and dining areas on the ground floor down into a bedroom in the basement which was directly below. Its an old house, built in 1908 but was renovated about 15 years ago. Being a well insulated foundation, there was no insulation in the walls or ceiling so the noise traveled very well. That is the backstory. Glenn came by in first week of October on a Friday and spent a good amount of time with me testing and going over where exactly the sound was coming from. we discussed my needs to dampen the sound as much as possible within the confines of my budget. He send me an itemized description of all the work he intended to do that evening and explained the reasons why it would help my situation. It was within my budget as well. I had two other sound specialists come by for an estimate and Glenn was by far the most astute and detailed of the three. In terms of cost they were all comparable. For the same price, it was obvious Glenn was the right choice. we schedule the work for the 3rd week of October, estimating it would take 4-5 days. It took 6 days which is totally fine. There were some logistics issue the second day where they just fell short of needed materials so had to close early. and the last day was the "fit and finish" clean up day. basically, it was within time and no issues there. as far as the work goes, on a base level they did exactly as what they said they would do. Sound was reduced by probably 75% or more!! Great! on top of that, demo and construction is dirty and dusty work. Glenn's team (giving some props to Kenny) cleaned up daily and was very respectful of the house. All in all, they did a great job. To be fair and balanced, was there anything i did not like? to be honest not really. I was very happy with the work. I felt I got my money's worth in effort, build and quality. Glenn did as he said he would and was very receptive to all my questions and concerns through the process. Would i recommend Glen and Total Home Interiors to my mom or my sister? the answer is Yes. I rely on other people's reviews, I hope this will help you in your decision making process. Regards, Paul

- Paul P


Glenn is a pros that you can trust him. He provides you the best quality product at the most reasonable price; the staffs he sent to install the blinds for my home are very professional and very skillful, done a great job and my home looks a lot neater after that job. I highly recommend to all who is looking for installing blinds.

-Jennifer C.


Matt Falcone from Total Home Interiors did an excellent job of repairing all the electric shades in our apartment. He easily solved all of the technical problems. He was a delight to deal with. He was courteous and professional. He made our repair process a pleasurable experience!! We definitely plan to use him and Total Home Interiors again for other electronic needs.I am happy to refer him to our friends.

- D B.

I found Total Home to be the rare team of experts who do what they say they are going to do; come on time; are always available to talk; execute the work within the time frame they have stated; and do not exceed budget. What more does a homeowner want?

- John W.