I was fortunate to attend the CE PRO Summit in Atlanta, Georgia this year.  It is invite only for the top 100 home autiomation companies in the nation.  Much to my surprise as I am checking into the hotel I am handed a personal schedule that spans 3 days, starting from 8 AM to 10:59 PM.  Needless to say I was kept extremely busy and it was run very well.  There were some great speakers, round tables, meeting with vendors and industry leaders.

One of the topics I found most interesting was DIY customers and products.  And how Google and Apple have just not caught up to even the most basic automation systems. However customers are not aware of the huge gap between the do-it-yourself product experience versus having it done by a professional.  Recently enough when calculating a few systems the cost was not radically different, somewhere in the order of 10 to 20%.  But the experience and ease-of-use expandability was radically different.
I am considering running a seminar for people that are interested in home automation especially if they are DIY’ers.  I don't think most customers realize many entry level products out there are sold at a loss as they are Trojan horse into your home to collect personal data.  This is just one example.  Please email me if you're interested in having a conversation or class on professional versus DIY home automation
Thank You
Keith W. Harrison